CADIIF defines fundraising as the art of raising funds to carry out a project. 

We will differentiate: 

- pure fundraising under patronage; 

- more nuanced collection against specific services at symbolic prices, discounts defying all competition. 

A mission like CADIIF necessarily has a human and social dimension beyond any consideration of financial interests. Working for industrialization and the return to the homeland is so gratifying that we thought that the restoration of the Bimbia site, the construction of a historic village and of a university center for doctoral research on all questions around ancestral deportations were all areas of development. In this context, CADIIF through its branch organization based in Accra (Ghana) collects funds to contribute to these great achievements. The people and organizations who give money are the donors that we see as full partners. 

Fundraising in exchange for goods and services is more of a commercial activity that aims to finance the operating budget of CADIIF. The people and entities that purchase our services are partners for the contractual term. 


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