You are Cameroonian from the Diaspora or Camericain (Descendants of Cameroonian Ancestors, inhabitants for centuries of the American continent), this challenge is your challenge. You can join us either: 

By becoming a shareholder in CADIIF Holding at the opening of the sale of the shares, 

By registering on, our business exchange site, as individual ,entrepreneur or employer  and, in the latter case, by registering your business, 

By sending us your comments through the various channels of communication on and (contact form, etc...), 

By actively participating in our exchanges on our FACEBOOK page. 

You are Cameroonians living in the country, you are equally concerned by this challenge because it is our country to all of us.

You can join us by applying the last 3 points above.


CADIIF LINK aims to pool in the medium term, the bulk of the skills of Cameroonians in the diaspora and Cameroonians currently living in Cameroon. We therefore encourage Cameroonians in the diaspora and Camericans CEOs and/or business owners abroad, to register and register their businesses, in order to give them visibility within the Cameroonian community abroad. It will also be a place of professional exchanges at the level of the sites dedicated to this purpose. 

CADIIF FACEBOOK is CADIIF´s Facebook page. It is dedicated to all kinds of exchanges between members of the CADIIF community, whether they are in Cameroon or abroad. 

CADIIF WEBTV (under development): With offices in the main countries of the Cameroonian diaspora, the CADIIF webtv will aim, among other things, to re-establish the visual link between those who have left and those who have remained. It will put on the front page, the day-to-day life of Cameroonians in the diaspora in their various associations around the world, their successes and their failures. CADIIF webtv will be keen to keep alive the link between the different associations of the Cameroonian diaspora in the world. 

NEWS is the fresh news page about the industrial sector in Cameroon in particular, and in Africa in general. 


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