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"Cameroon is Africa in miniature", we are used to hearing...   

This magnificent country, located in Central Africa, in the equatorial zone, a little above the Equator, is surrounded by Chad, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, and the Central African Republic. 

The mosaic of landscapes, types of relief, climates and ethnic groups that make up Cameroon, make this country a natural reservoir with unique resources.  

The industrial potential of Cameroon is so unique! Curiously, the level of industrialization in Cameroon in 2020 is far below this potential. This is a chaotic history, which is as tedious as it is painful to revisit, at least in the spirit of action that animates the initiators of this project. 

Indeed, Cameroon makes the world vibrate with its specificities. 

Its music has transcended peoples, to the point of inspiring the world´s greatest artists through the talents of Makossa.  

Its soccer has galvanized the crowds, tutored the best teams in the world thanks to the epic of the Indomitable Lions. 

Its gastronomy is among the most varied and appreciated in Africa and its surroundings, with internationally renowned chefs. 

Cameroon´s areas of distinction are numerous. The determination and excellence of Cameroonians are recognized throughout the world, and each one of us keeps in him a visceral love for our country, which accompanies our intelligence and skills wherever we are. 

For all the above, Cameroonians living abroad, considering the reasons, as diverse as varied, for which they had to one day leave their native land, anxious to contribute effectively to the industrial emergence of Cameroon and nourishing the dream of returning to their country to settle down, live, invest, raise their children there, and see Cameroon finally rise among the nations that count, have agreed to materialize their patriotism in a concrete way, through the establishment of the Cameroonian Diaspora Investment Fund (CADIIF). 

The " Cameroonian Diaspora Investment Fund " is a private and apolitical investment fund in the making, of Cameroonians scattered all over the world and ready to pool their financial means and/or their expertise and skills, in the service of Cameroon. 

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