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Can only subscribe to the fund Cameroonians of origin or ascendants of Cameroonian origin, Diaspora around the world namely:

o Cameroonians living abroad at the time of subscription, 

o Cameroonians of origin, but of foreign nationality, living abroad or having a residence in Cameroon,  

o Descendants of Cameroonian of origin, living abroad or having a residence in Cameroon.

• The fund aims to exceed in the medium term, 1 million shares of 1 000 000 FCFA each,

• No individual subscriber can hold more than 10 units (10 million CFA francs),

• No nuclear family (father, mother, legally recognized children) can hold more than 100 shares (100 million CFA francs),

• No large nuclear family (Gd-Father, Father, Children) can hold more than 1000 shares (1 billion FCFA),

• No management sub-group can hold more than 10,000 shares (10 billion CFA francs),

• The units are held for at least five years,

• The subscribed units can be mobilized within 6 months (from the decision to call for the funds) from the custodian bank, a CADIIF partner.


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Become a Shareholder